Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Westwood Elementary School in Wellington has closed the school for the rest of the week due to wide spread illness. The school has said that 120 of the 430 students are out sick with flu like symptoms. Victor Cardenzana, the Wellington School’s Superintendent, decided to close the school for the rest of the week due to the large number of students out sick. Cardenzana said that I his 18 years as Superintendent he has never seen an illness spread this fast among students.

Amanda Bonnallie has a daughter, Aeriel, in the second grade at Westwood Elementary and she has been hit by the bug. “My daughter started off with a stuffy nose and feeling dizzy and progressed to a very high fever and vomiting. My nephew had a fever, sore throat, and vomiting. My niece had a low-grade temp and chest congestion. All the parents I know that have kids that go to my daughter's school have taken their children to the doctors and everyone so far have had to put their kids on antibiotics.”

Bonnallie said she is glad they finally shut the school down but feels they should have done something Tuesday when she first called her daughter off sick. “I was told then that 75 other students were either sent home or called in sick, that's when somethig should have been done."

Aeriel will be heading back to Westwood on Monday but Mom is still a little nervous. “I'm a little nervous about sending her back because obviously something in the school is getting all of these children sick. At first I thought is was just a coincidence that my niece was sick because she spent the night but knowing that many children where sick is kind of scary.”

Wellington’s Middle School and High School will remain open for the rest of the week.


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