Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Police cuff suspect Abdul Bari
Student Crossing Guards run for the school after being told of the lockdown
Police search suspect Bobby Jo Baker, 26
Updated: 6pm
Two men, reportedly from the Elyria area, headed off to Westlake this morning and robbed a person at knifepoint while that person was waiting to see their dentist. Westlake Police responded to the office, located in the 26000 block of Center Ridge Road, and put out the description of the vehicle the two men were using to all surrounding departments. An alert North Ridgeville Police Officer spotted the vehicle a short time later in their city on Center Ridge Road heading Westbound and began the pursuit. The chase moved into southeast side of Elyria on Chestnut Ridge Road weaving through the Eastern Heights area while children were making their way to school. Elyria Police Officers and Lorain County Sheriff's Deputies joined the pursuit at this point. One suspect jumped out of the vehicle in the area of Prospect Street near the East Recreation Center and fled through the woods. Police continued their chase of the vehicle ending with the driver crashing into a tree on Cambridge and Park Ave. The driver attempted to flee after crashing but was apprehended by Officers.

The search continued for the second suspect while local school went into lock down. Officers acting on a tip from a neighbor found the second suspect on University Ave just east of Prospect. The second suspect was taken into custody without incident.
The suspects were identified as Abdul Bari, 40 of Elyria and Bobby Jo Baker, 26, who Poilce identified as a sex offender out of Michigan.

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Blogger Dan O. said...

I will NEVER understand why some people still think they can pull this crap and get away with it. Especially in this day of cell phones and laptops in the cruisers, etc. And they don't even seem to learn after being caught the first time.
If these a-holes put the effort they use to do the crime, and trying to get away, into a real job, they'd have more money AND not be in jail.
"Stupid is as stupid does." Thanks Forrest!

12:26 PM  
Blogger TMC NEWS said...

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2:41 PM  
Blogger haasenfoose said...

Another outstanding job by the law enforcment agencies involved getting these worthless animals out of society. Now lets hope the games between in the justice system don't let them back out again.

3:58 PM  

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