Wednesday, December 27, 2006



Elyria Police were called to Rockers on Antioch near the college for a man causing a disturbance outside of the bar. It was reported that the man was punching patrons as they were entering the bar. When the first officer arrived the scene the suspect was being held down by several males in the parking lot of Rockers. The men holding the suspect got off the man after the officer arrievd at which point the officer observed the suspect had blood covering his face and was shirtless. The suspect, Joseph Meacham, refused orders from the officer to sit back down on the parking lot. Meacham took off running through the parking lot, Officers were unable to grab him due to the amount of blood covering his body. One officer running along side applied a 1-2 second burst of oleoresin capsicum to Meacham’s left side facial area. Meacham did not stop running and instead ran straight into the glass door of Price Wise, shattering the glass. Meachma bounced off of the metal door handle, striking him across the chest, before bouncing back onto the sidewalk. Meacham, ignoring orders by Officers to stay on the ground, got back up and ran through the parking lot where he tripped on the asphalt falling face first. Officers tried to take control of Meacham as he continued to resist arrest and ignored repeated requests by Officers to stop resisting. Officers were able to take control of Meacham and he was arrested. LifeCare Paramedics and Elyria Firefighters treated the man for the multiple cuts and then transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital for further treatment.

It was noted in the Police report that the initial Officer on scene had blood covering his hands, arms, duty shirt, duty pants, radio, pepper spray can and holder. The Officer sustained several small cuts and scrapes on his hands and arms from the glass. The Officer went to Elyria Memorial and was treated for exposure to blood and a sprain to the lower back.

Meacham has been charged with Resisting Arrest (M1) and Disorderly Conduct (M4).


Anonymous haasenfoose said...

Another candidate for the "DUH" award! That had to be funny seeing him bounce of the door.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have ANY idea of what has happened to this man after the incident?

11:48 AM  

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