Monday, November 27, 2006


Wellington Fire Department responded just before noon to the area of Jones Road near Rt. 301after an off duty fire officer located, what appeared to be, a spill of agricultural pesticides. Fire officials investigated and found a significant area on Rt. 301 and Jones Rd. in Penfield Township having some type of chemical on the road and grassy areas.

Traffic in the area was diverted and neighbors were notified, but not evacuated, as a precaution. Fire officials discovered the source of the spill to be Dave Marvin of the Marvin Seed Company in Litchfield. Marvin’s sprayer had a valve break from the tank and unloaded 650 gallons of product on the roadside. Chemtron of Avon was contacted to clean up the spill.
No injuries were reported and officials state that Marvin’s Seed Company will have to pay the clean up costs which could run in the neighborhood of $2,000.00.


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