Saturday, November 25, 2006


The fire was the talk of the clubhouse today at the Carlisle Golf Course on Slife Road in Carlisle Township. Pictures of the fire have already been framed and being displayed for the golfers who took advantage of the warm weather today and hit the links.

James Mullins, who has owned the golf course for the last 30 years, took TMC NEWS on a tour of the rubble left behind from the fire. Mullins estimates the damage to be in the neighborhood of $900,000.00. “I had 2 Model A’s in there and they of course are completely destroyed. I’m not sure what the insurance will cover, I won’t know until sometime next week but I’m sure it won’t cover everything. The building itself will be about 30 some thousand to rebuild if we do it ourselves, but we are getting kind of old to be doing that sort of work.”

Mullins said the front part of the building was used to do repairs for golf carts and other vehicles they use on the property. The middle section is where the Model A’s and all the extra parts were stored and in the back, well just a bunch of stuff. “We won’t be able to start cleaning it all out until after the adjuster goes through it all, I am just hoping nobody tries to go in and steal anything for scrap. We have cameras set up that I am able to watch from inside the house and I also have my 45 just in case.”

Mullins said he was grateful to not only the Carlisle Township Firefighters but also all the Firefighters who came in from other communities to put out the blaze. “The building can and will be rebuilt, I am just happy that nobody was hurt.”


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