Thursday, November 23, 2006


Thanksgiving, a day to spend with your family, eating turkey, watching football, sleeping in and of course Pumpkin Pie… (Begin Homer Simpson Impression) ummmm, Pumpkin Pie!

Now aside from all the holiday trappings this is also a day that we look back over the past year and reflect. The holiday itself makes us think about what it is that we are most Thankful for. We have asked a number of people what it is that they were Thankful for this year, some of the people you will know, others you may not. We thought you would like to read what others have found to be important in their lives and what they are giving thanks for this holiday season.

Ted Henry, NewsChannel 5 Anchorman
Let’s begin with the air we breathe. It’s free, plentiful and absolutely essential. The smiles I see from those I encounter along the path, friends and strangers alike. They build me up. Carry me through the roughest moments. I haven’t met a person yet for whom there are no rough moments. These greetings help. Another’s smile and quick kind word can make the most difficult moment, smaller.

The metro area we live in. It’s tough and gritty. We’re accustomed to failure, lost jobs, lost games and lost moments of opportunity. Nonetheless we feel blessed. That’s because we are. People here know how to make something from almost nothing. And they don’t complain. We have a resourcefulness here that can help this region endure. That’s a lot to be thankful for.

And finally, I live among the nicest, smartest and most sincere people in the world. That’s not local boosterism, it’s just the way it is. Ask anyone who’s ever lived elsewhere. They’ll tell you how kind and considerate are the people who live here. Tough times may not lash out at every individual I know, but they do come to every family I know. And what I’ve noticed in my sixty plus years is how tightly people here pull together in times of need.

There’s a strength of personal character here, coupled with a genuine caring for one another that blankets this whole region that I feel grateful for. I’ve seen this region prosper during the most encouraging times, I see it now stand tall when challenge abounds, and I know I’ll see it again, relaxed and having some much deserved fun when opportunity returns, when those up and down the streets of our cities find all the work and challenge and good health they can handle.

For this and more, I am grateful.

Jason Allan Gilbert, Interior Design Expert

I am thankful for my wife Jenna and daughter Lainey. I am also thankful it is not Christmas yet because I am poor. Oh and for TMC NEWS.

Michael Medders, Elyria Chief of Police
I am thankful that my son is not in Iraq and will be home for a couple days this weekend. Medders son, a First Lieutenant, is stationed in Fort Hood in Texas.

Craig Bevan, Retired Elyria Firefighter
My wife, friends, family, health, the freedom we have as Americans and that the Pilgrims wanted to set the tradition of having turkey and stuffing for a Thanksgiving meal. Just think if the Pilgrims had picked Goose instead of Turkey, we all could have gotten a little Goose instead of Turkey! OOO-WEEEE. Buckeyes are Number 1.

Brian Bell, Elyria Township Assistant Fire Chief
I am thankful for my wife and my two boys most of all. I am also thankful to be an American and to have such fine brothers and sisters overseas and here at home defending our rights and our freedoms. Thanks to you brave Americans for doing what you are doing.

Buddy & Tammy Barton
Buddy was the construction worker buried in the trench in Eaton Township.
We are thankful for all of the rescuers who worked to save Buddy’s life. We are thankful that Buddy is alive and with us this year. His recovery will be lengthy but they are telling us it will be a full recovery.

Ron Brlas, Assistant Fire Chief, Elyria Fire Department

I am thankful for the men that I have the opportunity to work with everyday. The average person does not have any idea what a group of dedicated and talented people there are at the Elyria Fire Department. I am happiest when I am scheduled to work on Thanksgiving or Christmas because I get to spend the day with my second family.

Bruce P. Bishop, Chief Photographer Chronicle Telegram and Owner/Photographer Bishop Photography
Let’s cover the obvious things first…. My healthy children, a good year in business, a job that keeps me busy, a wife that puts up with me, and a nice warm place to sleep every night.
Next year I’d like to be thankful that,
Our military is out of Iraq. People decide that Tuesday would be a great day to get married. Daylight savings time never goes away. Winning Powerball. Zero carb oranges, grapes, and ice cream. More hair on my head. hits 250,000 views…gotta lookout for your friends. hits 1 million unique visitors… gotta lookout for your job. Not getting named in one of Lynda’s prayer request e-mails. And if all that fails, I can just repeat the things I’m happy for this year


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