Sunday, October 22, 2006


Police were called to the Flamingo Night Club on E. 28th Street in Lorain early this morning for a man down, possibly shot. When the police arrived they found patrons running out of the club onto E. 28th Street yelling that a man had been shot. When police went inside they found a man lying on his back, holding his stomach. The man, later identified by police as 23 year old Isaias Castro of Lorain, told police that he had been shot in the stomach but refused to say who shot him.

During the investigation police learned that Castro might have attempted to shoot someone else and accidentally shot himself. Police also learned that Castro had been involved in an earlier incident where he and a few other males had brandished a weapon at a patron at the Noise Night Club on W. 21st Street and damaged a vehicle before fleeing in a Black 2003 Ford F 150. The police located that truck next to the Flamingo and when they went to secure the vehicle they discovered a male exiting the truck. That man, later learned to be Freddie Sanchez, was stopped and detained. During a search of the vehicle police discovered a baggie of a white chunky substance where Sanchez had just exited (passenger side front seat). The item found was tested and by police and tested positive for crack cocaine. While police were patting down Sanchez they discovered that he had been shot in the right calf area. Sanchez refused to comment on his injury and was then taken to Community Health Partners for treatment.

LifeCare Ambulance paramedics treated Castro and transported him to Community Health Partners. Castro was LifeFlighted a short time later to Metro Health Medical Center in Cleveland for his wounds.

Police were told by one witness that they observed Castro “pushing his way into the dance area reaching down towards his waistband area.” The witness stated he heard a small “pop” a short time later then everyone started running for the exit.

Another witness told police that he observed Castro “walk from the dance floor area over to the pool
tables, go down on his knees then lay down on the ground.”


Anonymous Jason said...

Okay. As if the late night scene isn't scarey enough. Lets get one thing straight. Lorain is infested with BARS. Calling them niteclubs may mislead or possibly promote them to the public. Stay away from downtown after 6pm if you know what is best.

1:36 AM  
Blogger haasenfoose said...

To Jason. This didn't happen in downtown Lorain. It was in south Lorain. You just need to pick the right area or club/bar to hang out at. And if the shooter did shoot himself, what a dumbass! Doesn't even know which end of a gun is the business end.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Jason said...

Haasenfoose, pardon me. I stand corrected. But I will change my comment from downtown to all Lorain County. There are no niteclubs. They are all bars or dumps. And for the fool who may have shot himself. Is the possibility of "good riddance" ok for me to say? TMC what happened to the D'Oh award? This guy may be a winner.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous WILL said...


4:52 AM  

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