Saturday, October 21, 2006


“I heard someone pounding on my trailer door yelling fire; I was scared that it was mine that was on fire. When I came out I saw that it was the trailer behind me and the flames were shooting up so high, I couldn’t believe it.”

Those are the words of a neighbor living behind the trailer that caught on fire at 239 Sands Ave. off North Ridge Road in Amherst late last night. The neighbor, who only wanted to identify herself as Sandy, said that the woman who pounded on her door and many others was a woman who had just come home from Cedar Point with her son. “I wish she had stayed around so I could have asked her name, I really appreciate the fact that she took the time to get out of her car and warn all of us.”

Neighbors say that the Amherst Fire department responded quickly and as one neighbor said, “with a lot of trucks and a lot of fireman”. Firefighters quickly got the blaze under control and worked to save the trailers next door. The Amherst Fire Department will be investigating the cause of the fire.

Sandy wanted to make sure that we pass on a message to the Good Samaritan, just in case she reads TMC NEWS. The message, Thank You


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