Tuesday, October 10, 2006


A Continental Express Jet carrying 17 passengers and crew members from Cincinnati to Newark, was diverted to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport after a passenger claimed to have a bomb on board.

The plane landed at Hopkins at 9:02pm and was positioned on Pad 4, which is near the IX Center. Police set up a 1,000 feet parameter and after making contact with the airplane The Cleveland Bomb Squad and SWAT team members boarded the plane with a portable stairway and took the passenger into custody without incident. The other passengers were then removed from the plane, isolated and then briefed by officials.

The passenger’s name that made the threat was not released but Lt. Thomas Stacho of the Cleveland Police Department states that the passenger does not face any local charges rather the charges, if any, would all be federal.


Anonymous Samuel L said...

I’m waiting for the snake threats on a plane to start

2:14 AM  

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