Monday, August 21, 2006


The owners of a Car Rental company in Cleveland showed up to work this morning to see that one of their vehicles had been stolen off the lot. In the past they would have just filed a report then just wait and hope that it would be found and returned. That was before GPS. The company, with a fleet of about two-dozen vehicles, installed the GPS system about a year ago and the system has really paid off. The owner said that this is the second stolen vehicle recovered because of the GPS system, most of the time it is used when renters are late returning the vehicles.

The owners started tracking the vehicle and located it parked in the area of Midway Mall, so the owner and an employee jumped in another vehicle and headed for the mall. By the time they got to Elyria from their Brookpark car lot the employees who were watching back at the lot told them that the car had moved, the vehicle was now at the Speedway on Griswold. So the men notified the police then sat across the street to keep an eye on the stolen mini van. Ohio State Patrol officers who were in the area when the call went out quickly arrived and held the two suspects until Elyria Police arrived. The man and woman were both taken into custody and transported to the Elyria Jail. The van was released at the scene to the owners, minus the back seats.


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I had no idea it was double speeedy rewards points this month. thank you tmc news!

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