Friday, August 18, 2006


The 9-1-1 Transcripts

9-1-1: 9-1-1, Do you need Police, Fire or Ambulance?

Thompson: Yes, I need the police and an Ambulance

9-1-1: Ok, where do you need them at?

Thompson: Ah, 710 West 18th St.

9-1-1: 817?

Thompson: 710 West 18th St.

9-1-1: In Lorain?

Thompson: Yes.

9-1-1: Is that an apartment or a house?

Thompson: A house.

9-1-1: Ok, is this a traffic accident?

Thompson: No, I killed my wife by accident

9-1-1: Ok, your cell phone number is ***-****

Thompson: No, it’s not my number it’s my brothers. I went on down so I could call you guys.

9-1-1: Ok, stay on the line I let you talk to the police and I will get an ambulance sir one moment.

Thompson: Ok, thank you.

LPD: Lorain Police may I help you?

Thompson: Yes, I killed my wife by accident and I need you guys here.

LPD: I’m sorry?

Thompson: I killed my wife by accident and I need you guys here.

LPD: You killed your wife by accident?

Thompson: Yeah.

LPD: Where are you?

Thompson: I’m at home.

LPD: What’s your address sir?

Thompson: 710 West 18th Street

LPD: What is it?

Thompson: 710 West 18th Street.

LPD: Ok, what’s your wife’s name?

Thompson: Wendy.

LPD: Wendy what?

Thompson: Thompson

LPD: And what is your name?

Thompson: Robert

LPD: Robert Thompson?

Thompson: Yeah

LPD: What do you mean you did this by accident?

Thompson: Well, she was messing around with some guy at work and she was talking about leaving me and we got into a fight and I choked her. I tried to revive her but she didn’t come (unintelligible)

LPD: Ok, I want you to stay on the phone with me. Where is she now?

Thompson: She’s on the bed.

LPD: She’s on the bed?

Thompson: yeah.

LPD: And you know for sure that she is dead?

Thompson: Yes I do.

LPD: How did you kill her sir?

Thompson: I choked her.

LPD: You choked her?

Thompson: Yeah

LPD: Are there any children in the house?

Thompson: No, just me and her.

LPD: Ok, do you have any weapons in the house?

Thompson: No, no (unintelligible)

LPD: I’m sorry?

Thompson: No, (unintelligible) I don’t.

LPD: Ok, and you say she is on the bed in the bedroom. Is the bedroom upstairs or downstairs?
Thompson: She’s not going to make it today Marti.

LPD: Who you talking to sir?

Thompson: Her ride came to get her for work. I told her that she is not going to make it.


End of tape


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