Thursday, December 15, 2011


Elyria – Elyria Police announced today in a press conference that Deputy Charles Crausaz was shot not by Travis Stidham as first believed but rather by another Deputy in what’s known as friendly fire.
Police say Crausaz was hit by a round fired from an AR-15 rifle. Stidham was firing a .40 cal semi auto handgun when he exited the rear of the house and fired two shots at Crausaz. Crausaz then fired two rounds back with his shotgun. As Crausaz was about to fire a third round he was shot and immediately fell to the ground.
Police say the investigation revealed Crausaz was shot in the left side of his rib cage, below his armpit. They were able to determine that the bullet came from an AR-15 fired by Deputy Steve Fuller, the only other deputy to fire a weapon during the incident.
Lieutenant Chris Constantino of the Elyria Police Department said that although it is an unfortunate fact it doesn’t change the fact that Stidham came out of the house firing on Deputy Crausaz and he doesn’t see anything criminal coming out of this. "Nobody wants these things to happen, nobody likes these things to happen, Constantino said. But when it's dark and you have a suspect running out firing a gun, these things can happen."

Crausaz will remain on paid leave and get counseling through the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.


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