Friday, September 02, 2011


Carlisle Township – A man was tasered early Friday morning after he ran from State Troopers while they were investigating a motorcycle crash on Grafton Road.

Troopers responded to Grafton Road just south of Butternut Ridge Road for a reported motorcycle that had crashed into a utility pole. When Troopers arrived they found Ray Tomazic covered in grass and mud standing in a driveway near the wrecked 1994 Harley Davidson. Witnesses told Troopers when they rolled up on the scene moments after the crash Tomazic told them someone else was on the bike and he thought they were thrown into the woods. He asked the witnesses to go find his friend. While a couple went to look Tomazic began to leave the area. Another witness stopped him and tackled him to the ground. One witness said Tomazic then started throwing punches so everyone backed off.

A Trooper, Firefighters from Carlisle Township and LifeCare Paramedic then arrived on scene.

While being questioned by the Trooper about the crash Tomazic said he wasn’t on the bike and didn’t know anything about the crash. When the Trooper asked him why he was covered in grass and mud he said earlier in the evening he had been “rolling around with someone in the grass.”

The man continued to deny knowing anything about the crash and telling the Trooper to check the plates. When the Trooper left to allow Medics to tend to Tomazic, he became confrontational with them again saying he was not injured because he was not on the bike.

A moment later the Trooper returned and told Tomazic he had two options, he could go with the Paramedics to the hospital to be checked out or go to jail because the bike came back to him as the owner. The man repeatedly told the Trooper the bike was not his but he would choose going to the hospital.

While walking away from the Trooper with the two Paramedics once Tomazic was around the other side of the ambulance he bolted. The Trooper spotted that and gave chase. The moment he bolted two additional Troopers and a Sheriff’s Deputy were pulling up and saw him running.

Tomazic got about 100 feet before he was zapped in the back with a taser from a Trooper. The taser stopped Tomazic in his tracks and sent him to the ground. Once on the ground and with the taser off he began struggling with the Officers. When they said he should comply or be tased again he relaxed.

Tomazic was treated by Paramedics, who removed the pins, and was then taken to jail.

Troopers charged him with OVI, Failure to Control and Resisting Arrest.



Anonymous Mark said...

It's sad, yet still amazing, how smart an impaired person thinks they are. Thinks they're smart enough to ride, smart enough to lie about not being on the bike, about it not being theirs... and thinks they're smart enough to run from all the citizens and police in the area. Was he smart enough to figure out where he was going to go as he ran?

10:51 AM  

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