Thursday, August 11, 2011


DEVELOPING – Lorain County Sheriff’s Deputies and Detectives are on scene of a homicide at this hour trying to piece together why a husband allegedly killed his wife.
Sources say the man called the Sheriff’s Department saying that he had killed his wife. He also reportedly said he would cooperate with Deputies when they arrived at the house.
The man has been taken into custody by Deputies.
A dog warden who was called to the scene to secure an animal was bitten on the hand and had to be transported to the hospital by Grafton Township Fire Department to Elyria Memorial Hospital.
The names will be released later today. More on this story as it becomes available.
UPDATE: Sheriff’s Deputies were called to 14900 Cowley Road around 1:30 a.m. for a reported homicide. The caller, 42 year old William Dembie, a 13 year veteran Corrections Officer at the Lorain County Jail told the Dispatcher that he had killed his wife and beheaded her.

Deputies found 33 year old Holly Dembie lying dead, not beheaded but with multiple stab wounds.

Dembie remains in jail on a 5 million dollar bond and has been placed on administrative leave without pay from the Sheriff’s Office.


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