Saturday, July 30, 2011


Story & Photos by BRIAN WOODS
Elyria – Police are investigating a shooting that took place inside of Cascade Park early Saturday evening just feet from the park’s playground.

Witnesses to the shooting, wishing to keep their names private due to safety concerns, say they have had it with the violence. Two women who were with their young children in the playground area said they heard what they first thought were firecrackers going off. Just after the popping noises they say a man, either in his late teens or early 20’s, ran past them carrying a handgun. The man jumped into a car and drove at a high rate of speed almost striking cars entering the park while fleeing.

The registration on the car returned to a Lorain address. Lorain Police were requested to check the residence by Elyria Police but they did not find the car.

Police spoke with the man who was being shot at but he offered no information on the suspect or motive in the shooting saying that he was “no snitch.”
Police searched the area that witnesses say the shooting took place and discovered several spent shell casings on the path that leads to the bridge and waterfalls. For our older readers, the path that once lead to the old Bear’s Cave.

One of the witnesses in the park with her child said she lives on Furnace Street and likes to take her daughter to the park and play on the swings. “I’ll think twice about bringing her back down here to play again. It’s just hard finding a safe place in this city anymore.”



Blogger Momma said...

So sad! Elyrians DESERVE to have their town back. A small percentage of criminally minded individuals are ruining a town filled with hard working, good people. How have other cities taken their towns back? City council, perhaps you can seriously research that. As for being a parent of small children, it would be completely worth it to drive out on Nickle Plate Diagonal and enjoy the duck pond and outdoor playgrounds, nature center (with indoor playroom), and equestrian walking trails. Sure, it's 15 minutes out of the way but at least your kids won't get shot. :(

2:36 PM  

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