Thursday, July 28, 2011


Carlisle Township – An early morning fire on East Ave in Carlisle completely destroyed a garage and the two cars parked inside.

James Schiavoni lives just 3 doors down and said he heard an explosion and jumped to see what had happened. “I ran to the window and could see the flames shooting up over the fence and way into the air. I headed down there to see if I could help and people were saying there might be people and animals still inside the house.”

Schiavoni and others began pounding on the doors in an attempt to wake anyone in the house. “We kept pounding and we could see a woman’s purse inside on the table so we really thought someone was inside so I kicked the door in and we searched the house but nobody was inside.” They did find a dog and took it to the neighbors for safe keeping.

Carlisle Township Firefighters arrived and found the structure fully involved in flames according to Chief Kevin Dembiec. Firefighters began dumping water on the blaze but then turned their attention to the home until additional help arrived. Mutual Aid was provided by Elyria, Eaton Township and Oberlin Fire Departments.

There were no injuries reported at the scene. The cause of the blaze is under investigation.


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