Friday, March 18, 2011


Elyria – Two men were arrested early Friday morning for breaking into the TLC bar at 333 Clark Street after an alert Police Officer spotted them hauling cases of beer from the building.

Elyria Police Officer Jim Sword was on patrol at 4:35 a.m. when he spotted two subjects, later identified as 20 year old Jefferson Gleba and 19 year old Dalton Rudy, both of Elyria, carrying something across Clark Street from the area of the TLC bar.

As Sword pulled into the parking lot of Ridge Tool he spotted the two suspects loading cases of beer into a silver Honda Civic. When the two saw Sword they took off running towards Ridge Tool then split up in different directions. Sword was able to apprehend both suspects.

When questioned, Gleba advised Sword he ran because he has no valid driver’s license. Both admitted also to drinking earlier in the evening.

After other Officers arrived and secured the two suspects Officers began checking the car. They found several cases of beer loaded into the trunk and back seat along with a small bag of Thomason’s chips. Officers then found an insecure door at TLC and a similar bag of chips lying just outside of the door. Officers also spotted broken beer bottles lying in the roadway leading from the bar to the Honda.

Officers inspected the inside of TLC and found cooler doors opened and a case of beer sitting on the counter along with a cold bottle of beer on the floor.

Sword noted that when he pulled his car up to the front of TLC and spotted the insecure door Gleba, who was sitting in the front seat with him, stated, “Oh, this is a bar?” Sword also noted that he is aware Gleba had lived on Winkles near Clark before and had prior dealings with him.

Both were charged with Breaking & Entering (F5), Obstructing Official Business (M2) and Underage Consumption (M1), and taken to the Lorain County Jail.



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