Thursday, December 09, 2010


North Ridgeville - Police have charged 40 year old Randy Flachbart of North Ridgeville with OVI (M1), Reckless Operation (MM), Assaulting a Police Officer (F4), Failure to Comply with Order (F4), Possession of Marijuana (MM) and Resisting Arrest (M2) in connection with the early morning chase that ended on Chestnut Ridge Road in North Ridgeville.

North Ridgeville Police say that an Officer pulled Flachbart over for a traffic violation on Chestnut Ridge Road near Victoria. During the stop the Officer could smell Marijuana and saw a joint in the ashtray. After the Officer had Flachbart step out of the car to make the arrest Flachbart punched the Officer in the face and throat. That is when Flachbart jumped back in his car and fled.

Police chased Flachbart around North Ridgeville with speed hitting 70 MPH before an Officer deployed a set of Spike Strips successfully disabling Flachbart’s car. A K9 captured Flachbart after he tried to run from his car into the woods. While being taken into custody Flachbart informed Police that he ran because of what they’ll find in the trunk of the car.

Flachbart received minor bites to the rear end from the North Ridgeville K9 that captured him.


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