Thursday, December 09, 2010


North Ridgeville – A North Ridgeville Police Officer was assaulted early Thursday morning as he was attempting to take a man into custody.

The Officer pulled the man over on Chestnut Ridge Road and Victoria for a traffic violation. During the stop the Officer was attempting to take the man into custody when the man began striking the Officer. The man was able to make it back to his car and fled.

Police chased the man for several miles through North Ridgeville before an Officer was able to successfully deploy a set of spike strips flattening both front tires of the suspects Chevy Impala.

The suspect was able to drive a short distance further before he pulled off into a driveway in the 36000 block of Chestnut Ridge Road. The man then tried to run but a North Ridgeville K9 was too fast and was able to take the man down. Officers were able to take the man into custody, this time with a couple bites in his rear-end.

A search of the car turned up a large freezer bag full of marijuana.

Police say they will review the incident before announcing all of the charges the man will face but said they will include drug charges and possibly an OVI charge.

The Officer from the initial stop was not injured.



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