Saturday, November 20, 2010


Elyria – A 20 year old Elyria man, Antonio Lynch, ran from an Elyria Police Officer during a traffic stop on West Ave near 14th Street late Friday night.

Lynch was traveling north on West Ave, along with two passengers, when Elyria Police Officer Todd Straub pulled him over near 14th Street. Lynch bolted from the car and began running north on West Ave with Straub close behind alerting other Officers on the radio that he was in foot pursuit. Straub caught up with and tackled Lynch at the corner of West and 12th Street.

Elyria Police Officer Nick Eichenlaub was the first Officer to arrive at West and 14th and found the car Lynch was driving empty with the rear passenger door still open. Eichenlaub continued north and found Straub on the ground struggling with Lynch on the ground. According to Eichenlaub’s report, “Officer Straub appeared to be attempting to hold the subject on the ground while waiting for assistance from other Officers and the subject appeared to be attempting to get up off the ground.”

Elyria Police Officer Joe Figula arrived and attempted to assist getting Lynch in handcuffs. From Figula’s report, “Officer Straub was shouting for Lynch to provide his arms. Lynch’s arms were tucked under his upper torso. Lynch was not complying.”

Figula and Eichenlaub were finally able to get one of Lynch’s arms out and was able to get one handcuff on while Lynch continued to struggle. Straub continued to control Lynch’s upper body and head while Officers got the second handcuff applied.

Once secured Officers searched Lynch and found a “clear plastic baggie tied in a knot containing numerous tablets of suspected MDMA Ecstasy” in Lynch’s right front pocket. Lynch told Police, “That’s why I ran, because I had those pills.” Officers also found a black ski mask stocking hat in Lynch’s front sweatshirt pocket.

Eichenlaub reports that while transporting Lynch to the Police Station he repeatedly stated, “I see how you guys are, just looking for someone to beat up.” Lynch then told Eichenlaub he did not know why Officers were “picking on him.”

After Police had Lynch secured in a patrol car a neighbor approached and told Officers that the suspect tossed a gun in their yard. Officers went to the area where the neighbor told them and they located a 9MM Semi Automatic Hi-Point handgun.

Lynch was charged with Drug Violations, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Having Weapons Under Disability (Felon or Indictment), Tampering with Evidence, Obstructing Official Business, Resisting Arrest, Improper Handling Firearm in Motor Vehicle.



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