Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Sheffield Village – This wasn’t your typical rescue but Firefighters were called to a home on Colorado Ave Tuesday afternoon when a resident hanging Christmas lights and decorations on his house hurt his leg and couldn’t get back down. The injury was not serious but painful enough where the man just couldn’t get back down on the ground on his own.

Chief Jeff Young of the Sheffield Village Fire Department said his Department trains year round in rope and other types of rescues so today was a fairly routine mission.

Firefighters first secured the man to a SKED STRETCHER on the roof. Three ladders were placed against the house, one for the SKED to slide down and the other two for Firefighters to help guide it down.

Chief Young said the man told him it was an old injury but while on the roof he heard a popping sound and then couldn’t move. That is when he decided to call for the Firefighters to help him down.

A little side note to the story, the entire rescue took place with Christmas music playing from the garage.



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