Monday, November 08, 2010


Elyria – QUIZ: When you drive the wrong way on a highway and crash head-on into another car, then cause a second crash, what do you do? A. Get out and make sure everyone is ok? B. Call your insurance agent and lawyer right away? C. Take pictures and email them to TMC NEWS? Or D. Continue driving home; park your car in the garage close the door and go hide inside of your house?

Police say that 59 year old Thomas Szantay of Emerson Court in Elyria Township chose D on Friday night.

Szantay was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of Rt. 113 between 57 and Lake Ave Friday night at 7:30. Szantay first struck 28 year old Casey Keathley of Elyria who was traveling eastbound about 1000 feet west of 57. Szantay then drove away while another crash occurred while cars were trying to avoid his 1990 Cavalier.

Witnesses spotted Szantay leaving the scene and followed him north on Lake and saw him pull into his driveway then notified Police.

Elyria Police, along with Deputies from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, went to Szantay’s home and began pounding on the doors. After a short period of knocking on the door Szantay finally appeared in the living room and then opened the front door.

While speaking with Officers and Deputies inside of the home Szantay admitted to being the driver of the hit skip vehicle. He then opened the garage door from inside the home for Officers to inspect the car.

Szantay was arrested and taken away by Police and charged with the crash.

Four people were taken by LifeCare Paramedics from the scene all with non life threatening injuries to Elyria Memorial Hospital.



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