Sunday, October 03, 2010


Officials have released the name of the driver as 49 year old Robert Kendra of Wellington. It is believed that Kendra suffered a heart attack or stroke just prior to driving off the road and into the front porch of 111 Eastern Heights Blvd. Friday night.

Neighbors expressed their concerns about this crash because they were just getting cleaned up from a similar one that occurred just four months ago. In June of this year a man who had assaulted his girlfriend and was running from the Police also lost control of his car coming from 4th Street and went into the yards on Eastern Heights. In June however, none of the houses were struck only trees, signs and garbage cans before rolling his car over and coming to rest in someone’s front yard.

The homeowner of 111 Eastern Heights said they just bought the home 8 months ago and already they have experienced two serious crashes in their own front yard. They are keeping their fingers crossed that they have seen the last crash.


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