Monday, September 27, 2010


Elyria – Police arrested and charged 22-year-old Daniel Rosemark of Lorain with two counts of Arson Sunday afternoon after Rosemark set fires at the Midway Mall and in the woods near Golden Corral.

Midway Mall Security Officers told Police that they were informed by people that a man had just poured gasoline on the parking lot and was setting it on fire. When the Security Officers got to the parking lot Rosemark was walking away and the fire had burned itself out already. Security started to chase him and yelled for him to stop and wait for Police. Rosemark told Security that he didn’t have to listen to him and continued running toward the area of Golden Corral.

When Police arrived they met with the two Security Officers on Ford Road across from the Golden Corral. Police were told that Rosemark went over the guardrail and down into the woods. Police could smell burning brush but could not find any active fire.

Officers then spotted Rosemark sitting approximately 40 feet over the first set of cliffs edge with his feet dangling over the edge of another cliff that had a 20 foot drop to the Black River. Officers tried to get Rosemark’s attention as he sat with his hands hidden and a hoodie over his head but were unable to get a response from him.

Officers were able to make it down about 25 feet but due to lack of traction on the slope they couldn’t get any closer. One Officer began to speak with Rosemark while others started to make their way closer by hiking through the woods from Spring Valley Country Club on Gulf Road.

Rosemark told the Officer closest to him that he heard “people in Elyria were talking shit, so he decided to come to Elyria and show them that he doesn’t take that shit.”

Police learned from Rosemark that he was not suicidal but he did say that he wanted to jump down to retrieve his back pack. Rosemark also told Police that he was upset because he was having a hard time finding work and that he had not been taking his medication.

During this time Elyria Firefighters lowered ropes and rappelled down to the ledge where Rosemark was sitting. The Police Officer also rappelled down to Rosemark and patted him down in search for weapons.

Firefighters then wrapped ropes around Rosemark and lowered him to the Black River where two Officers were waiting and took him into custody. Officers then hiked through the woods to the Number 7 Tee Box at Spring Valley Country Club where they jumped on two golf carts and returned to their cars.

Rosemark, who had two outstanding warrants, was transported to the Police Headquarters and charged with two counts of Arson and was then transported to the Lorain County Jail.

Rosemark questioned Police if he was allowed to return back to the cliff upon his release from jail.



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