Friday, July 16, 2010


Elyria – Two men were shot outside of the west end bars on Broad Street just after 2 a.m. – witnesses say they saw multiple people with guns shooting.

One Elyria Officer was driving past the bars when he heard the shots ring out. The Officer pulled over in front of Moss’ to advise other Officers and to wait for backup. The Officer stated that he observed large amounts of unknown subjects running from the area in multiple directions. There were also numerous vehicles fleeing the area at high rates of speed in several directions. Two white males drove past the Officer and advised that a red SUV was traveling down Tremont towards Kerstetter Way, and the occupants had been shooting.

This vehicle was stopped by the driveway of EPD and found that the four occupants were not involved in the shooting.

Officers then went to the area where the shooting took place to check for victims or signs of evidence. Officers observed a black male, later identified as Marquise Hollis near the open driver front door of a vehicle parked in front of Toy Box on Broad. Hollis looked at Officers then entered the vehicle and began reaching between the center console and driver seat. This caused concern for Officers due to the nature of the call. Officer Figula Jr. and Sergeant Mayne took control of the male who was identified as Hollis and found to have a warrant through Sandusky Police Department. Hollis checked clear of any weapons and was highly intoxicated and taken into custody once the warrant was confirmed.

Hollis advised Officers that he observed unknown males shooting at the Toy Box. Officer Figula Jr. pounded on the door to Toy Box for several minutes before finally being allowed in the locked door. The staff had swept and washed the floor and cleaned the bathroom down. The staff claimed to have no knowledge of a shooting.

While responding to the call, an Officer spotted a red pickup truck heading eastbound on Broad St towards EMH from the area of McDonalds, occupied by 3 black males. Officers stopped the vehicle on Broad St at Cedar. The passenger in the right seat opened the door and advised that he had been shot in the leg and needed to get to the hospital.

Officer Hudzinski advised them to continue to the hospital and officers would meet them there. As the truck took off towards EMH, another car pulled up with two witnesses who stated that the three men in the truck had a handgun.

Officers responded to EMH and arrived at the same time as the pickup truck.
The gunshot victim, later identified as Robert D. Beane III, went inside the emergency room to be treated. Officer Ligas identified the driver of the truck as Kereem L. Tucker. A check of Tucker revealed him to be under a 12-point suspension. Officers had Tucker step from the vehicle where he was patted down for weapons. While Tucker was getting out of the vehicle, Officer Ligas observed a clear plastic cigarette cellophane containing what appeared to be crack cocaine on the floorboard of the truck where Tucker just exited. Tucker was placed under arrest and transported to the police station.

Officer Hudzinski had the center passenger step from the vehicle and identified him as Matthew J. Bell. During a pat down for weapons, Hudzinski located a handgun in the on him. Bell was placed under arrest and transported to the police department.

Officer Ligas then made contact with the victim. Beane stated that he was trying to leave the area of the west end bars/McDonalds with his girlfriend because people were starting to fight. Beane stated that he felt a rush of wind on his legs and realized he had been shot when he felt blood running down his leg. Beane stated that he got into his friend’s truck and left for the hospital. Beane stated that he does not know who shot him or see anyone with a gun.

Tucker was charged with Possession of Crack Cocaine (ORC 2925.11C4 F5) and DUS (ORC 4510.16A M1). Bell was charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon (ORC 2923.12 F4).

Just after 3 a.m. Officers responded to Community Health Partners Emergency Room after receiving a call that they were treating a gunshot victim from Elyria.

Officers made contact with the 17yr. old male who advised the following, He was standing on the sidewalk outside Toy Box Bar talking with some friends. He stated that he heard approximately 3 gunshots outside the bar and he began to run from the area. He observed his left knee to be bleeding and realized he had been grazed by a bullet. He initially advised that he did not see anyone with a gun and had no description of a suspect or gun. He later advised that he observed a B/M approx. 5’9, thin build, wearing a white button-up shirt with lime green lines, and matching shorts, pulled out a gun after an argument with several other subjects. He advised that several other Black male subjects also pulled out guns and was unsure which one shot him. He advised that he could possibly identify the subject that originally displayed a gun. He stated that he began running toward McDonald’s after the gunshots and received a ride from a friend (only known as Demerise) and left the area. He was unable to provide a description of any other subjects that displayed guns.

If anyone has information about this shooting they are asked to contact the Elyria Police Department at 440.323.3302.


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