Thursday, July 15, 2010


Elyria – Seven men were arrested late Wednesday night after a large fight broke out on Pratt Blvd. in Wilkes Villa.

Two Officers were at the Police Sub Station in Wilkes when the call went out. As the Officers went to check on the situation they could hear gunshots coming from a large crowd on Pratt. According to Police one of the Officers spotted 27 year old Paul J. Smith of Lorain with his arm extended in a north western direction. The Officer reported seeing flashes coming from the ends of his hands and heard several more gunshots. The crowd began running along with Smith who Police lost in the chaos.

During a search of the area Police found Aaron Jackson and other males in the grass area behind Pratt Blvd. Jackson had dirt and rocks all over his body and his jaw was swollen. Jackson said that someone hit him with something but he did not see who struck him. Jackson was transported by LifeCare Ambulance to Elyria Memorial.

A Lorain County Sheriff’s Deputy located a silver 9MM semi-automatic handgun in the grass behind 154 Pratt Blvd.

Officers and Deputies then went to 166 Bohannon Court, Paul Smith’s residence. After searching the apartment Police found 10 people inside but no Smith.

An eye witness to the incident told Police that Paul Smith was the shooter and that he and the other suspects were hiding in his daughter’s apartment at 145 Bohannon Court.

Officers went to the apartment and knocked on the door with no response. Officers then began pounding and kicking the door – yelling inside for anyone inside to come out of the apartment. With no response Officers then yelled that they would go to the office and get a key to the apartment. Just then the front door opened and Smith’s daughter exited the apartment. She told Officers “They’re all in there.”

Once Smith’s daughter gave Officers consent to enter and search the apartment they had a Sheriff’s Department K9 Officer go to the door and order the men to exit or the dog would enter. As the K9 was barking Officers could hear men yelling from inside that they were coming out.

Police arrested 34 year old Chemon Perkin of Bedford, Ohio, 28 year old James Cawthorn of Cleveland, 39 year old Alex McKeller of Oakwood, Ohio, 33 year old Dorian Jackson of Elyria and 18 year old Derik Horton of Elyria – all charged with Obstructing Official Business.

Paul J. Smith was charged with Inducing Panic, Obstructing Official Business and Discharging a Firearm on Prohibited Premises.

Juan Wyley was arrested on a warrant from an outside agency.

Witnesses told Officers that the incident began when Claudette Jackson, Amanda Jackson, Orien Jackson, Aaron Jackson and Paul Smith approached a group at 169 Pratt Blvd looking for a fight. The witness said that Amanda and Aaron’s father Abdullah Al-Jeleel began yelling “Who the fuck is Rico?” Ricardo Johnson stood up and announced himself and the two men then squared off. Aaron Jackson swung on Johnson but missed. A large fight then broke out in the street. The witness said she then heard gunshots and looked in the street and saw Paul Smith, under a street light, shooting what appeared to be a 9MM handgun. The witness said that another man was next to Smith and was also shooting but she could not identify him. She stated that Smith was shooting into the crowd while the other man was shooting into the air. The witness said she also saw one man grab his stomach and run but did not know where he went or if he had actually been shot.

Police advised all of the men they are not allowed on LMHA property and are being placed on the Criminal Trespass list due to their involvement in this incident. Police also said that there were no known gunshot victims at this time.


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