Saturday, October 17, 2009


Elyria – When smoke began filling the house on 16th Street Friday afternoon the homeowner, aided by a cane, attempted to get out and away from the smoke. Slowed by her age and physical condition she began yelling for help when she reached the doorway.

Neighbor Dean Martin Jr. heard the calls for help from his home across the street. “As soon as I heard her yelling I looked out the window and saw the smoke coming from all around her house so I ran out of the house to go see if I could help.” Martin ran so fast across the street he actually came out of his shoes in the roadway.

Martin, along with several other neighbors who heard he call for help guided her out of the house and off the front porch with smoke pouring out through the front door.

Firefighters arrived as she was being led down the driveway. Paramedics assisted the woman to a driveway next door where a relative had arrived to take care of the woman. She received no injuries and refused any additional help from the ambulance crew.

Firefighters entered the home to investigate the source of the smoke and only found a stove that had been placed on “Self Cleaning” – but no fire.

The home was ventilated by Firefighters and the woman left with relatives.

As for Dean Martin Jr. and the other neighbors they say all they did is help a neighbor. “Isn’t that what neighbors do for each other,” Martin said. “If I were in a situation like that I would hope that my neighbors would do the same for me and I believe these folks would too.”



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