Monday, October 12, 2009


Elyria – Police arrested an Elyria man, Antwine Battiste, early Sunday morning after a brief pursuit and foot chase off Middle Ave.

An Elyria Police Officer spotted Battiste traveling at a high rate of speed on Court Street and failed to stop at the intersections of Court and 2nd & 3rd Streets – making a wide left turn onto 3rd. After Battiste failed to stop at a light at 3rd and Middle Ave the Officer attempted to pull him over. Battiste continued south on Middle ignoring the lights and sirens from the Officers car.

Battiste turned east onto Pronesti Lane and then turned into a private drive of an apartment building. Battiste jumped from the vehicle. Battiste looked at the Officer who was now out of the vehicle and he was ordered to stop. The Officer stated that the Battiste had turned and was going to run from the traffic stop. Battiste began to run from the Officer who observed him reached into his left front pocket and drop an unknown object in the parking lot that bounced a few times and was loud. The Officer followed Battiste briefly but then returned to secure the item that he had dropped. The Officer found magazine from an automatic pistol with bullets still inside. The Officer called out to other responding units that the suspect might have a gun on him.

The Officer then turned around and went back to the vehicle in the parking lot when Battiste came from around the building straight towards the Officer. The Officer pulled out his weapon and ordered the Battiste to stop and go to the ground. Battiste turned and ran away from the Officer and again ran south until he reached Pronesti Lane then ran west in an attempt to get away from the Officer. The Officer called out the foot pursuit and then lost sight of the Battiste as he went around a garbage dumpster in the alley.

Additional Officers responded to the area to help locate the suspect. Officers Eichenlaub and Orsik observed the Battiste running north from Pronesti Lane and ran after him.

Eichenlaub observed Battiste turn north into backyards upon observing the police vehicle turn onto the street. Eichenlaub exited his car and yelled for Battiste to stop. Battiste continued running west through the backyards. Eichenlaub ordered Battiste to the ground and he refused to comply. Eichenlaub heard a chain link fence rattle to the west and observed Battiste stumbling backwards. Eichenlaub made contact with Battiste and placed him on the ground.

Eichenlaub observed Battiste lock his hands above his head. Eichenlaub ordered Battiste to place his hands behind his back and he refused to comply. Officer Orsik arrived and Officers used joint manipulations to place him into custody after a brief struggle. Officers ordered Battiste to stand up and began attempting to help him up. Battiste refused to comply using dead weight. Officers got Battiste to his feet at which time he began walking towards the patrol vehicle.

Officers asked Battiste his name and he refused to speak. Officers Moss and Straub who are familiar with Battiste identified him. Eichenlaub pulled up a previous booking photo and Battiste’s identity was confirmed.

Once Battiste was secured Officers began the search for the handgun.

Sgt. Cunningham located the black in color, 40 cal. Bursa Firestorm automatic pistol on the top portion of 240 4th Street, which faces 4th Street. Officer Marsico was assisted to the roof and he retrieved the weapon. Marsico cleared the weapon and handed it down to Eichenlaub. Officer Merrill gave the magazine with rounds still inside to Eichenlaub who inserted the magazine into the weapon and the magazine was a match to the gun. Officer Eichenlaub checked the rounds and observed that they were 40 cal.-jacketed rounds.

Battiste was charged with the following: Receiving Stolen Property F4, Weapons Under Disability F3, Carrying a Concealed Weapon F4, Failure to Comply with Police Orders M1, Weapons while Intoxicated M1, Resisting Arrest M2, Obstruction of Official Business M2, OVI, Stop Sign & Red Light.



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