Monday, October 12, 2009


Elyria – Police arrested Michael Hennes of Elyria Sunday afternoon on multiple charges including Assault on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest and Burglary.

Police were called to 110 Princeton Ave Sunday at 4:30 p.m. after it was reported that Hennes was at that address. Hennes had several active Felony Warrants through the Elyria Police Department for violent offences at that home.

When Police arrived at the home they received no response after knocking on the door. Police say a TV was on and they could see that a cigarette had just been put out in an ashtray on the floor. While Police were knocking a 6 year old boy, who a neighbor identified as her neighbors son, rode up on a scooter. Police asked him where he was and who was supposed to be watching him. The boy told Officers that he was with a friend “6 blocks away”. Police say that the boy looked nervous while being asked the questions and that it was apparent that he was scared.

After a Police Dispatcher could not reach the boy’s Mother the Grandfather was contacted and on his way to the home. Once the boy was told that Police say the boy looked happy.

When the Grandfather arrived Police told him that the home was not secure and that the boy was left alone. He told Officers that his daughter would never leave the home unlocked or leave the boy alone. Worried for his daughter’s safety he asked Officers to check the home.

The neighbor advised Police that in the past when Hennes has assaulted the woman he would try and get away by crawling through a ventilation area that separates their attics and hides in her attic.

Officers Moss and Ilcisko checked the home but were unable to locate anyone. They checked the ventilation area that the neighbor had informed them about but the area was too small for either of the Officers to gain entry. The neighbor asked Officers if they would check her attic as she was concerned Hennes might be hiding there.

The Officers entered the attic and could hear banging sounds. Officers called out to Hennes and could hear him crawling back to the other side. As one Officer stood by another went to the other side with additional Officers.

Officers called out again to Hennes to come out or that they would send in the K9 to search for him. While conducting a search Officer Moss leaned down into a low area and observed Hennes hiding in the corner. Moss yelled for him to come out and attempted to grab his arm and pull him out – Hennes pulled away and as Moss pulled harder Hennes swung and struck Moss on the lower lip as he was pulling away to avoid being struck. While pulling away Moss struck his head on a ceiling rafter and scraped his head on a nail. Moss then pulled Hennes flat onto the ground and leaned on top of him to avoid being further assaulted. Hennes refused to put his arms behind his back and was trying to get up at which time Moss administered strikes to his muscular areas on his arms and side to try and gain compliance and control of his arms.

Officers Varga and Ilcisko then came into the closet area to assist and Hennes continued to resist. Officer began trying to pull him out of the closet and control his arms as he still resisted. Officers finally pulled him into and opened area and were able to free his arms and apply handcuffs. Officer Whiting arrived in the attic to assist and stood Hennes up onto his feet. He began to escort Hennes out and down the stairs that had miscellaneous items and two window type air conditions stacked on them. Hennes was still resisting and pulling away as Whiting tried to walk him down the attic stairs. Hennes pulled away and fell over the air conditioner and into the wall. Officers assisted getting Hennes all the way down to the first floor and as they approached the front door Hennes lifted his legs and began kicking the front door, forcing himself back into the Officers. Hennes was taken to the ground and told repeatedly to stop resisting. He advised that he was finished fighting and Officers Moss and Whiting stood him back up and escorted him outside and towards a cruiser. Once on the sidewalk Hennes began taunting and screaming then began trying to strike the officers with his elbows and head. He was taken down into the grass until Officer Varga was able to drive over a caged cruiser.

Officers then stood Hennes up and secured him in the cruiser. Varga then transported Hennes to the Sheriff’s Office.

The neighbor told Officers that she wanted to pursue Burglary charges against Hennes for breaking into her attic. The Grandfather told Officers that he was still unable to reach his daughter and that he would be taking care of his Grandson.

Officer Moss sustained injuries to his head and his hand. He was treated at Elyria Memorial Hospital for those injuries and released.

Hennes was charged with the following: Assault on a Police Officer F4, Burglary F2, Obstructing Official Business M2, Resisting Arrest M1, and active warrants for Domestic Violence X2 F4, Intimidation of a Victim F3, and a Bench Warrant.


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What an idiot. Do people like this really think the cops are going to just give up if they show enough resistance? Haas

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