Thursday, April 30, 2009


Amherst – A call from an Amherst resident of a suspicious vehicle in their neighborhood leads to charges of four Amherst teens.

Police say that they received a call at 1:05 a.m. on Wednesday morning of a suspicious Ford F-150 in the area of Milan Ave near Dane Street driving slowly down the street without lights on.

Officers responded to the area and noticed a white Ford Truck turn westbound onto Milan Ave. from Dane St. The operator of the truck, later identified as a 16-year-old Amherst male, negotiated the turn westbound onto Milan Ave. at what appeared to be a high rate of speed from Dane St. The driver failed to stop at the posted stop at the intersection of Dane St. and Milan Ave. and when he negotiated the turn he did so very wide traveling left of center into the opposite lane on Milan Ave.

Police stopped the truck on Quarry Rd. just north of Milan Ave. Officers explained the reason for the stop and noticed 3 other male occupants in the vehicle. While speaking with the driver the officer was able to detect an odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from on or about his person, and noticed his eyes were glassy in appearance.

Another officer spoke with the other occupants and noticed different kinds of an unusual type of imported beer in the rear seat and bed of the truck. The officers also noticed the occupants had fresh mud on their shoes.

The on-scene officers, considering where the vehicle was initially observed acting suspicious, decided to check the Jefferson 150 restaurant located on Jefferson St, near the Amherst Historical Society property for any recent break ins. Upon checking the property, the officer noticed a window on the back of the building was broken out. There were also two bottles of imported beer below the broken window.

The four suspects were taken into custody on suspicion of Breaking and Entering and transported back to the Police statiom.

The detective bureau was contacted to process the scene of the burglary and was able to obtain enough evidence to further support the charge of Breaking and Entering.

During the initial traffic stop, the Amherst Police Department received a call from Lorain Police who stated they just received a call from a male who said he was told by his friend to call the police for shots being fired in the Apple Orchard neighborhood (in Amherst). It was later determined one of the suspects at the time of the traffic stop sent a text message his Amherst friend to call in the bogus call to police in an attempt to get the Amherst police officers diverted from their investigation.

As a result of the traffic stop the four occupants were charged with the following:

16-year-old Amherst male: Operating A Vehicle After Underage Alcohol Consumption, Underage Consumption, Stop Sign violation, Driving in Marked Lanes, Temporary Instruction Permit, Curfew, Receiving Stolen Property, and Breaking & Entering (F-5). He was transported to the Lorain County Detention Home.

17-year-old Amherst male: Underage Consumption, Curfew, Possession of Tobacco, Receiving Stolen Property, and Breaking & Entering (F-5). He was also transported to the Lorain County Detention Home.

14-year-old Amherst male: Curfew violation, Receiving Stolen Property, and Breaking & Entering (F-5). He was released to a parent.

Matthew Markel, age 18 of Amherst: Underage Consumption, Drug Abuse, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Disorderly Conduct Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct Persisting, Possession of Criminal Tools, Receiving Stolen Property, and Breaking & Entering (F-5). Markel was transported to the Lorain County Jail pending his court appearance in Oberlin Municipal Court

Police say that this is an example of what the end result can be when alert citizens call the police on suspicious activity. The responding officers were also able to solve an additional crime by being alert for the subtle signs of other criminal activity.


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