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Lorain – The sounds of two cars crashing into each other is becoming all too familiar to Lorain residents living in the neighborhood of Tower Blvd & Ashland Ave.

Neighbors gathered at the intersection Thursday afternoon after a car that was traveling westbound on Tower struck another car that was northbound on Ashland crossing Tower.

Lorain Firefighters assisted in extricating one of the drivers due to a pinned door. Paramedics treated the drivers of each vehicle and transported both to Community Health Partners for evaluation. Neither appeared to have serious injuries.

David Johnson has lived near the intersection since the 1970’s and he said that he has counted as many as 25 crashes in the very spot where this crash occurred. “It’s the same situation almost every time, when people are crossing Tower there is a blind spot and they keep going and get hit. We have met with our council people and have requested many times to have a traffic light installed but we have been told that since there are two in close proximity that it would not be feasible. I think the numbers prove that a light is desperately needed, something is needed for this intersection.”

Another neighbor, Mary Ann, said she spoke with the elderly woman who was the driver-traveling north on Ashland. “She told me that she didn’t see the girl, she just didn’t see her. She said she looked, but just didn’t see her. It’s because of the blind spot there – I have lived here for a long time so I am familiar with it, but I am still extremely cautious when I am going through there. I just wish the city would do something. About a month ago a man from down the street was involved in a similar crash here and he passed away while at Metro. I just don’t know what it will take to get something done.”

Neighbors say that children are not allowed to play in their yards because crashes have sent cars into the yards – they fear what could happen.

To see more photos from the scene: CLICK HERE

To read the story from last months crash: CLICK HERE


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your photo link doesn't seem to be working.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lorain FD gets it RIGHT. All turned out in their Gear with SCBAs on. Nice job BOYZZZZZ.
I was just repling cuz someone questioned me last week for wearing mine at our Cleveland @ Olive St. crash: see below......

Ffr. J. Castle
EFD engine Co. 3
Lorain Blvd. @ Bell

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grew up in that neighborhood and never had a problem.

Perhaps people should pay more attention when driving?

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Joe Randone said...

I have lived in that area since the 1960's and have counted 19 crashed at that intersection. I would like Mr. Johnson to please get his facts correct before he goes on the record and complains about the intersection.

I also have contcted ODOT and the Ohio State Patrol and they have told me that the intersection of Tower and Ashland ranks #15 in the state as the safest, 4 lane, divided, residential, 35mph, intersection, with 2 north and westbound stop signs, a center yield sign in the median, in a city, with population greater than 50,000.

It was also voted into the top ten of "residential driving" magazine as one of the most pleasant intersections to travel through in Ohio.

There is nothing wrong with the intersection. Thank You.

4:29 PM  

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