Sunday, August 17, 2008


While most of us were out enjoying the nice weather today and relaxing for the upcoming work week – a group of Eaton Township Firefighters were spending this Sunday building a wheel chair ramp for one of their own.

Chief Phil Slack of the Eaton Township Fire Department said that Robert Jaeger, a Charter Member of the Fire Department, suffered a stroke a couple of weeks ago leaving him to get around in a wheel chair. Jaeger, in his 80’s, then began to struggle getting in and out of his Durkee Road home. “Our Firefighters got together and decided that they had to do something to help Bob. The idea of building a ramp for him came up and they ran with it.”

The Eaton Township Fire & Rescue Association donated the money for the lumber. Work began early Sunday morning and by 5PM it was time for Jaeger to give the ramp a test run. With Chief Slack assisting Jaeger emerged from his home and rolled down the ramp where he was met by the Firefighters / construction workers.

Jaeger said he was overwhelmed by the gift and wanted to thank all of the Firefighters. “All I can say is WOW. This is amazing and I hope each one of these people know how much I appreciate what they have done. Some of these guys didn’t even know me before today, yet they have been here all day working. Thank you, thank you!”

Jaeger joined the department when they opened the doors in 1944. “Back then we used brooms and buckets to put out fires. I am very proud of how far the department has come over the years and I am also very proud of their Chief, I have broken in quite a few and they have a great one right now.”

Jaeger also served as Lorain County’s first Emergency Management Director back in the 1970’s.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats what brotherhood is all about! good job ETFD...

8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats awesome, good job guys!!

9:15 PM  

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