Sunday, October 21, 2007


Lorain County Sheriff’s Department said today in a press conference that they believe Daniel Petric, the 16 year old son of Pastor Mark & Sue Petric was soley responsible for the shootings.

Captain Rich Rezendez of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department: “We were able to determine through interviews and the physical eveidence that we had gathered, that at this time, we believe that Daniel, the 16 year old, he is sole person responsible for this tragic act.” Police say Daniel has admitted to getting his father’s 9mm semi-automatic hang gun and shooting his parents.

Daniel Petric was confronted by his oldest sister and her husband Sunday night when they went to the house to watch the Tribe game with her parents. When they entered the home they found the couple lying in the floor, bleeding from gun shot wounds.

Daniel fled the home in his fathers 1999 Windstar mini van but was spotted a short time later in Wellington by Police who had been advised to “be on the lookout” for the van. Daniel was taken into custody at that time and turned over to the Sheriff’s Department. Charges have not yet been filed but a hearing is scheduled for Monday.

Pastor Petric is still listed in critical condition tonight at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is the update on this pastor's condition??

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