Monday, October 15, 2007


Elyria – Margaret Soplata was in her back yard Sunday night tending to a lost dog when she looked over her fence to St. Jude’s and couldn’t believe what she saw.

Someone, under the shadow of a giant Cross, was turfing the field behind St. Jude’s Church around 10:15 p.m. Soplata quickly called to her husband Bill and had him call 9-1-1. The driver of the car took off though before he was even connected to the Police.

Bill Soplata went out to the field to survey the damage done by the car and said that he is just glad that we haven’t had any serious rain recently so that kept the level of damage low. Soplata said that it’s sad that someone would do this, especially to this part of the property. “A lot of people have been working hard on getting this area ready for the new JV football field and I just feel bad that someone would come back here and do this. I don’t know what they were thinking.”

Soplata whose house butts up against the St. Jude’s property said that he keeps an eye on it for reasons like this. “My wife and I will keep looking after it, I just hope that whoever did this doesn’t come back. We have a nice neighborhood here and it’s just unfortunate that people would do this to a church of all places.”

The car is described as a white, midsize GM car, possibly a Regal. If anyone knows who is responsible (you know how people like to talk and brag - and in some cases even videotape these escapdes) they are encouraged to contact the Elyria Police Department at 440.323.3302.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh... I hope they catch them! So many people have put weeks and weeks of work into that project. So sad!!

8:04 AM  

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