Monday, October 22, 2007


Daniel Petric appeared in court Monday morning wearing his Detention Home uniform and listening as charges of Murder and Attempted Murder were leveled against him.

Petric will now be bound over to Lorain County Common Pleas Court, where it is possible he could be tried as an adult for allegedly shooting his parents after an argument in the family home on Saturday night.

Petric, a Halo 3 video game fanatic had been arguing with his father after being told he couldn’t play the violent games. Petric had told authorities that he grew tired of arguing with his parents about it, that is when he retrieved his fathers 9mm semi automatic hand gun and shot them.

Shortly after the shooting the Petric’s oldest daughter, Heidi Archer and her husband Andrew Archer, arrived at the home to watch the Tribe game. Daniel would not let the couple enter the home, stopping them at the door. The couple feared something wrong and forced their way inside and found the couple shot and lying on separate couches. Andrew Archer checked Mrs. Petric for a pulse but could not find one so he then moved to Mr. Petric and performed CPR until Medics from Southern Lorain County EMS arrived.

While the Archers were checking the parents Daniel grabbed the keys to his fathers van and fled the home. He was spotted and detained by Wellington Police a short time later in Wellington. Daniel could be heard on the Police car Dash Cam blaming his father for the shooting.

Lorain County Sheriff’s Department say that through interviews and physical evidence gathered at the scene they believe that Daniel was the shooter and acted alone. During the call to 9-1-1 that night, Heidi Archer named her brother as the shooter.

Daniel is scheduled to be back in court next month for a probable cause hearing.
Courtroom photos courtesy of Chronicle Telegram Chief Photographer Bruce P. Bishop. Bishop was chosen to be the courtroom pool photographer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a religous person, so I must say that this man, 16 or not should be sent down the path he sent his mother on.

Children should NOT kill their loving parents! These were obviously loving people. I hope their God is with them all.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Robert said...

I blame the video game he was playing. Isn't Halo 3 a shooting game? I can see why he shot them.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Free2BeMe350z said...

Just a thought… If the minor didn’t have knowledge of or accessibility to his parent’s gun would this incident even have taken place? Is it possible that he may have just argued with his parents and then fled to his room to dispose of his anger in solitude? I just don’t understand why a gun was obtainable to him.

I feel such great sadness for everyone involved.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guns don't kill, people do! Video games don't kill, people do! His parents insisted he not play Halo 3 Robert so what's your point?

Had a gun not been in the home (and we all have the right to firearms. The Constitution remember?), he could have used any weapon (knives, a bat any number of sharp items) to murder his mother, leave his father in horrible condition and devistate his sister and her husband.

Again, children should never murder their parents! No blame cam be placed on guns and video games, but the murderer. Those folks had a right to own that gun for protection as do we all. That man had NO right to use it on his folks!

12:25 AM  
Blogger silverdud said...


this is such a cop out excuse. here's a little background. i am a 29 year old white married male. i own a home in the great city of elyria and have been with the same employer for almost 10 years. i try to be a productive member in society. here is where you may want to hold your breath.


i'll never forget the christmas that i opened my first nintendo. i was probably somewhere around the age of 8. since then i have spent many hours playing and enjoying different types of games. to this day i still sit down and play video games from time to time. i am even the proud owner of (gasp) halo 3. overtime i have traded or sold older gaming systems to upgrade to newer and better products. and yes over time video games have become more violent and graphic then the old super mario bros. but having spent the last 20 years of my life playing everything from pong to halo 3 i can honestly say i have never done anything wrong because of a video game. i did grow up with some abuse in my household when i was younger, and yes there were guns available in the house. but never did the thought cross my mind of shooting anyone. sure i was mad, i even may have gotten into a fist fight or two but never would i ever shoot anyone. why you may ask? because i was brought up properly. my parents taught me right from wrong. i was aware of the consequences of my actions. this is the problem. everyone is so quick to blame others for thier problems. people need to stop and look at themselves in the mirror sometimes. a 16 year old boy can differentiate between a video game 9mm and one that shoots real bullets. he knew exactly what he was doing. i believe some people do this sort of thing for attention. and yes some people may even be just plain crazy. we will never know why he actually did this but to blame it on video games is just ridiculous.

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well done! As I've commented on this issue I've said people kill, not the guns or video games.

I also commented early on that something was missed with this guy. There are always signs, but as parents we often choose to ignore them. Alas, I read in another paper that he DID, IN FACT, make a gun threat in Middle School at Wellington, but was written off as a joke.

I was told by those who "knew" him here that there weren't signs, oh, he was such a good boy. My Arsh!

I hate to say I told some of you, but I did.

I still have very heartfelt feelings for the father and sister, friends and extended families. I indicated above I'm far from religious, but I can't help but feel such pain for the survivors of this monstrosity!

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Chris Willemin said...

In complete and total respect to the family and friends of the victims, this is a horrible tragedy that never should have happened. I have to offer my condolences to each and every one of them.

In reference to this event taking place over an argument between him and his parents about a violent videogame, I hope that no one will scapegoat these same videogames as being the only cause of his horrific actions. In complete and total honesty, what child these days does not play or has not played video games of violent nature? Of course, excessive overloads of violence could undoubtedly influence and intensify aggression or violent behavior, and it has been proven so. However, to assume that this is the ONLY cause of this boy’s outrageous actions are not only inaccurate, it is ignorant.
It is important to consider this boy’s surrounding environment, influence from peers, any childhood fixations that may have been present, and more than likely an underlying psychological disorder that also may have been present.

This boy's father was a pastor, was he not? Assuming this pastor did his very best to instill his practice and preaching into his own son, it's not hard to believe that wholesome, loving, religiously-influenced, and flat out good natured behavior was common and abundant in his household, and more than likely greatly outweighed anything condoning violent, aggressive behavior.

Honestly, a ridiculous amount of boys and even a large amount of girls partake in violent videogames or violent entertainment in general quite frequently. The majority of these teens, however, share a common characteristic. Regardless of stress and influence, each and every one of these pre-teens, teens or young adults reaches a psychological, mental, and emotional point of limit as far as carrying these violent behaviors into situations such as arguing with parents. Is it entirely silly to possibly think for a single second that maybe this boy had unresolved psychological issues deep down? No, it's not silly to believe so at all, considering each and everyone can view violent-like behaviors in looney toons and other children's shows, yet we never feel the urge to hit our parents on the head with a frying pan or strap ACME dynamite to them. Of course, this type of violence is easily differentiated from reality, and today's videogames are at times frighteningly realistic. I do not in any way deny that violent entertainment of any kind can easily influence similar behavior, as I stated before it has been proven. I do, however, think it is entirely ignorant and downright ridiculous to place the entire blame on videogames alone.

Has anybody NOT lost sight of the fact that his own father kept a pistol in this house? This is outrageous, and without taking away from the sympathy I share for the victims, I feel it was foolish to keep such a weapon in a place that was obviously accessible to his teenage son.

This event is without question a tragedy, and I hope that authorities and counselors will conduct extensive studies with this boy, and determine what could possibly be wrong with his mentality, which allows him to act so violently against his loved ones. This would be a better way of preventing these tragedies from occurring in the future, instead of being so quick to scapegoat violent entertainment as the cause, and call it a day, allowing other teens with similar psychological issues to act out in the same way, if not worse.

Chris Willemin

11:20 PM  
Anonymous nate said...

for all of you that say "IF HE DIDNT HAVE A PISTOL IN THE HOUSE IT WOULDNT HAVE HAPPENED.... Guns aren't the only things you can kill someone and leave a nother critically injured with... Its all about signs and how you grew up. How you were disciplined and what you were disciplined for. I grew up with a father who kept a .380 pistol in each of his two end/nightstands in his bedroom, a Romanian AK-47 under the couch cushions and plenty of other guns throughout the house.... I never, NEVER, EVEEERRRR thought about killing anyone out of just being pissed off like a little girl that I cant play my video game. I am a video game NEERRRDDD. and many times when I was younger I was in the same boat. My mom and dad telling me that I couldnt play the game I was always FURIOUS. But never towards them... and why not ever towards them you may ask???? Because I was a very very disciplined kid. I got my whoopin's for messing up, backhanded for talking back and getting mouthy. All this lovey dovey "let your kid do whatever they want" bullcrap is why kids beat thier grandmothers, rape thier sisters and do all the other wacked out wild stuff you hear in the news. BECAUSE THEY WERENT DISCIPLINED RIGHT FROM THE DAY THEY STEPPED INTO THE WORLD. Can blame it all on the kid, yes, and he sure as hell shouldnt have done what he did. But who let it get to that point where he would just wack-out of his rocker and start trying to kill the very same thing that gave him life? Obviously this is not the first time this kid has had violent tendancies towards them, and obviously they didnt react to the previous times he mouthed off correctly. Its all about discipline and respect. I think that SILVER who spoke above me put it out there in lamens terms and said it best.

12:33 AM  

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