Thursday, June 28, 2007


Reverend Dr. Brad Donahue from the Lorain Christian Temple led the prayer service today in front of Granny D’s Pizza Shop. Rev. Donahue said that today’s service was important for people to come together in prayer in light of the recent violence in the community. “It’s time for the community to come together to seek God’s Grace, God’s Hope and God’s Peace. Let this be a comfort to those who have felt the touch of this violence, I’m here today because I am a Pastor and a member of the community.”

Rev. Donahue has been a Pastor in 3 different communities and believes that this is one of the best he has seen and believes that things can turn around. “I think what needs to turn it around is a change of the heart of the community believing that we can turn it around and that we do not have to live in a community that is rocked by violence. To often we say, It’s Just Lorain, and that is not a thing to say. The people deserve better."

Rev. Donahue does not believe those who say Lorain is a lost cause, that it is too far gone to turn things around. “There’s been an attitude that’s happened over the last 30 years or so where people say we have to accept what is and I don’t think we have to do that. We simply can bring about the changes that we want to happen but we’re going to have to be the people, and when I say we I mean the entire community, we’re going to have to be the ones to make that change.”

Iman Paul Hasan of the Interfaith Ministries said that it is time to be proactive and not reactive. “We need to go to areas where there’s potential for these young people, I mean there are areas of Lorain where things like this will continue to happen unless we become more proactive. We have to address the problems with these young people, there’s no jobs, and we need to give them some educational opportunities and to be proactive with them.”
Iman Hasan says the community needs to return to faith in the unseen. “We have to have a faith in the unseen and a belief in the unseen. Once you have faith in the unseen and a belief in the unseen then that checks your behavior.”

Iman Hasan said that he believes the most powerful leadership in the community is the religious leadership and the display of religious leaders coming together today, despite their different denominations and differences, sets an example for the community.

Four Pastors spoke at today’s service, each quoting parts of scripture. Here is part of what one of the Pastors said:

“Love one another warmly as Christian brothers, and be eager to show respect to one another.”

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