Friday, May 11, 2007


The driver of the small SUV sits and smokes a cigarette while crews clean up

A two car crash on North Abbe Road in Sheffield Village today sent two people to area hospitals.

Lydia Stone, a witness who works nearby, said she was about ready to cross the street when the crash occurred. “I was standing right here on the curb and was about ready to cross the road when I saw the man driving the smaller SUV come from the far lane and crossed over these two lanes trying to pull into Sears and that is when this bigger SUV hit him.” Stone said that she spoke with the driver later and he told her he thought he had clearance to cross over the lanes. “He said he had signaled to someone and they waived him over but this bigger SUV I guessed didn’t see that caused she hit him hard. The crash was loud and when the car flipped over I thought they were going to be hurt real bad.”

Sheffield Village received mutual aid from Avon Fire Department, assisting with patient care and transport.

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