Saturday, April 28, 2007


Last week TMC NEWS shut down and took the entire staff to Austin Texas to help put on the 14th annual Austin Reggae Festival. This year the festival not only raised a lot of money for the Capitol Area Food Bank of Austin but also collected 27,872 pounds of non-perishable food at the gate. This amount of food will provide 22,298 meals for hungry families throughout the Central Texas area. Last year the Food Bank was able to serve 141,440 meals with the combination of money and food donations from the festival. The Austin Reggae Festival is proud that over 300,000 pounds of food has been donated to the Food Bank over the 14 years. It should be noted that a native Elyrian started the Reggae Festival and continues to run it today.

TMC NEWS would like to extend our apologies to all of our loyal readers, especially our Gold Card Members, for not alerting you to our shutting down last week. Your emails and phone calls of concern were greatly appreciated. I assure you that next year when we head back to Austin there will either be a notice posted or we will leave someone behind to mind the store.

So in the words of Don Imus and Alec Baldwin; SORRY!


Anonymous Bob from South Amherst said...

How do I get a gold card???

5:45 PM  
Anonymous joy vaughn said...

welcome back we sure did miss you

9:43 AM  

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