Tuesday, April 17, 2007


An employee of the Elyria City Schools believe they spotted a fugitive that was featured on America’s Most Wanted last Saturday.

A relative of the school employee living in the 300 block of Princeton Ave. believes they saw the man too. Late Friday night they heard a noise outside of their home and went to investigate. They turned on an exterior light, opened the door and saw a man on their property. The man fled after being spotted. The relative watched America’s Most Wanted the following night and believes the man in their yard was the same man that was featured on the show, Dan William Hiers Jr. The following day the school employee was walking in the area of Eastern Heights and Sherman when they saw a man wearing a hooded coat that they believe may have been the same man that their relative had seen.

The school employee notified their employer this morning and in turn they called and advised the Elyria Police Department of the sightings. Elyria Police Officers responded to the Eastern Heights area in marked and unmarked units in an attempt to locate Heirs or anyone that may have seen someone which looks like Heirs.

The Elyria Police Department has been in contact with the U.S. Marshall’s Office in reference to Hiers. There is no known information that would lead law enforcement to believe Hiers is in the Elyria area. The Elyria Police Department and the U.S. Marshall’s Office are following up on the initial reported sighting.

Elyria Police Officers have increased patrol activity in the area Heirs was reported seen and will continue to take every effort and precaution in this matter.

To see a photo of Heirs and the story about him: CLICK HERE


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