Monday, April 16, 2007


People driving through Cascade Park Sunday afternoon did some double takes when they saw about 2 dozen Firefighters, in full water rescue gear, down in the water. Not to worry though, it was all about training.

Fred Jackson, Lead Instructor of Dive Rescue International and Lieutenant for the Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department was in charge of the program this weekend. “During this program the guys attend a class room session where they learn the basics of river dangers and hazards, some of the preferred modern techniques for water rescue and response procedures. Then over the last two days we have practically practice those different skills sets with them.” Jackson said that even though the weather conditions turned bad last night with the snow and rain he had no plans of canceling today’s class. “We tend to train year round regardless of weather because we have to respond that way as well.”

Jackson said anytime there is a rescue in the water there are many dangers to be aware of; “Flooding is much like an iceberg, we’re probably only seeing 10 to 20 percent of the problems at the surface and throughout the entire water area. We also have a lot of hazards that are unseen to us and that is huge component that makes our work challenging and difficult. The most dangerous time is anytime we have to commit people to the water, enter the spot where the person in trouble already is because again in water rescue, people underestimate the logistics necessary, the equipment, training and preparation necessary to do it properly and safely.”
Today’s Swift Water Technician Course was sponsored by the Wellington Fire District and was hosted by the Carlisle Township Fire Department. Firefighters from Wellington, Carlisle, Sheffield Village, Avon and LaGrange participated.

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