Sunday, April 01, 2007


The usually quiet neighborhood on Fairwood Ave in Elyria was disturbed Sunday afternoon when men jumped from a car and assaulted a man with a rake after striking him with their car.

When Elyria Police arrived they found James McFarland on the hood of a vehicle parked inside the garage of 997 Fairwood. LifeCare Ambulance Paramedics and Elyria Firefighters were providing medical care to McFarland. Police reports state that McFarland appeared to have a major injury to his leg and was bleeding heavily from his head. Police could not get McFarland to respond to their questions at the scene before he was taken to Elyria Memorial. A witness who lives at 997 Fairwood said she heard a car pull into her driveway and people yelling. When she stepped outside she saw McFarland standing in front of her vehicle, which was parked inside of her garage. A male exited the car that had pulled into her driveway and began striking McFarland in the head with a stick. The witness said she began yelling at the man to get off her property. The man left in the car, with two other men, at a high rate of speed.

The brother of the victim, Michael McFarland was outside of 998 Salem Ave with his girlfriend when the attack took place. He said he saw his brother walking on the sidewalk near 998 Fairwood then began to run when a blue car come “flying around the corner”. Michael McFarland said he saw three men in the car but was unable to confirm age or race of the men. McFarland said he could hear the men in the car yell, “there he is, there he is”.

Officers went to EMH to question James McFarland before he was flown to Metro Health Medical Center in Cleveland. They asked McFarland if he knew who would want to hurt him. McFarland told the Officers that he did not know and that he was unable to even say how many men were hitting him. McFarland added that he has had some troubles with drugs and that there are a few people that he does owe money to.

When Officers asked McFarland if he would be able to identify the men from a photo line up he replied; “I could, but what good would that do me?”


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