Sunday, April 01, 2007


“If I hadn’t swerved as fast as I had, I would hate to think what I would look like right now”. That is what one witness, almost a victim, said early Sunday morning after a woman turned into oncoming traffic on 58 & 113.

“We were driving north on 58 going through the intersection and she just turned right into us s she tried to make a left hand turn from 58 to 113. I was able to swerve and get out of the way but this guy didn’t. I’m just glad he is ok.”

After crashing the woman got out of her car and witnesses say she left the scene and headed for Timbers bar across the street. She was found a short time later by Lorain County Sheriff’s Deputies and brought back to the scene. She was then treated by LifeCare Ambulance Paramedics and transported to Amherst Hospital. The driver of the pick up truck involved in the crash refused treatment at the scene.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

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Anonymous jason said...

aww, she was probably really thirsty. typical... need a beer, drive real fast, plow a few people over, get a beer, drive home with a good buzz and maybe if you're lucky, run a few more people over. all in a good day. hope they throw the book at her, she doesn't look like she reads any.

8:36 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Anyone know if leaving the scene of an accident carries a heavier penalty than driving under the influence? Think about it. If she was drinking before hand, but hadn't taken a breathalyzer, then goes to the bar and drinks a beer or two, then takes the breathalyzer, could she still be charged with DUI? If not, maybe she is smarter than she looks.

12:07 PM  

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