Sunday, December 31, 2006


Amherst Fire Department will be ringing in 2007 with a brand new truck, Engine 56. A committee spent more than a year researching companies and options to find their new truck but finally chose the 2006 Sutphen. This truck, which is replacing a 1989 Pierce, is a combo Fire & Rescue truck that has a 6-man cab, 1500gpm Hale pump and 50gal Foam tank. One of the reasons that they chose Sutphen was that they are located in the Columbus Ohio area. If anything goes wrong representatives can be at the Firehouse in about 2 hours to check it out.

One of the most beneficial features is located in the front bumper where the Rescue Jaws and Cutters are found. "Having the Jaws and Cutters mounted in the front bumper means we can roll right up on the scene of a car crash and have our extrication tools at the front of the vehicle. In the past we would have to drive past the crash pulling equipment from the rear of the vehicle, then spend time hooking up the hydraulic-hoses. Having the tools in the front bumper saves us 4 to 5 minutes at the scene of a crash because the tools are already hooked to the hoses and ready for a quick deployment. It also provides a safer work area for our Firefighters working off the front of the truck because if a car traveling past a scene crashes into us we have the truck as our cover."

Another feature that will save time at scenes is having the EMS cabinets in the rear portion of the cab. Firefighters can exit the truck with items pulled from those cabinets in hand. Having the EMS equipment inside the cab helps, for one it keeps the equipment out of the elements and gives us more room for firefighting equipment in the outside compartments.

Engine 56 should be on the road in about two weeks. Representatives from Sutphen will visit Amherst Fire Department, once all of the equipment is loaded on the truck, and will give an in service to all Firefighters. Once that is done the truck will get the green light to hit the road.
Quotes are from Amherst Fire Department Captain Ron Snizek

To view all photos of Engine 56: CLICK HERE


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