Thursday, December 14, 2006


A new law approved by the Senate 29-3, now allows drivers under 17 only one passenger who is not a relative in their vehicle. More passengers will be allowed if a parent or guardian is also in the vehicle.

The Ohio House approved the new law and it now goes to Governor Bob Taft, who plans to sign it. The law would also block drivers under 17 from driving between the hours of midnight and 6 without a parent of guardian. Drivers 17 & 18 will not be allowed on the road between the hours of 1am & 5am unless they are driving to or from work and would need documentation from employers.

The new, which will go into effect in March, will be a misdemeanor violation with potential fines up to $150.00. Police will not be allowed to pull cars over just to investigate whether there are too many teens in the car. Police can cite drivers with violations of the new law only after spotting another violation. AAA believes that the new law will prevent approximately 20 percent of the fatalities that would have occurred.

Area high school students hearing about the new law have mixed feelings.

Gage Hume, Senior at Elyria High School:
I don’t think this law should pass. I think young adults have to take on their own responsibility and driving with other teenagers is a great way to take responsibility. It may be dangerous but there are only the select few that don’t drive properly, the rest have already learned lessons or are more prepared. I learned it the hard way. I wrecked my car and almost killed someone who means a lot to me, and after all of that I still don’t think this law should be passed.

Shawn Silvis, Junior at Elyria High School
Honestly, I think its ludicrous, cause not every teenage kid drives, and kids need rides to places and school, like I got out to lunch with my friends and we alternate drivers to save gas, and so not one person gets stuck driving all the time. It might be safer, and I could see where they are coming from....I mean it defiantly has its Pros, but more cons than pros in my opinion.


Anonymous John said...

Like most other laws designed to protect us from ourselves, this too will probably have very little affect on the problem it is supposed to help. Just another useless piece of legislation that will make someone feel good or make some politition look like he is doing something.This will probably be a big inconvieience to kids and parents of kids car pooling, nothing more.

7:11 AM  

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