Monday, January 31, 2011


Story & Photos by: BRIAN WOODS
Elyria – What at first appeared to be a minor to moderate three car rear-ender ended up with one of the vehicles on fire.

The collision occurred on South Abbe Road at Taylor Street Saturday night at 5:30 when Sherry Day of Elyria ran into the back of a 2006 Chevy Avalon that was stopped at the traffic light. The collision caused the Avalon to push forward and strike another vehicle.

Day remained inside of her vehicle as everyone began calling 9-1-1 and their families. One of the victims then noticed that Day’s Durango was smoking heavily from the engine compartment. They tried to get Day to get out of the truck but she did not believe the car was on fire. Bystanders then became more aggressive with her when the flames started kicking out from under the hood.

She eventually agreed that she would be better off outside of the vehicle and exited.

Although Day and another driver complained of neck and back pains at the scene both refused treatment or transport to the hospital.



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