Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Elyria – Elyria Police are investigating yet another armed robbery of a food delivery man.

A Marco’s Pizza delivery man was sent to 492 High Street to deliver a pizza. A clerk from the store told Police later that when “they believed something was strange about the call prior to making the delivery.” The clerk said that they called the number to verify and it went to a voice mailbox so they had the driver “drop off some of the pizza money before going on the delivery.”

When the driver made it to the residence on High Street he pulled into the driveway and saw a black male standing in the driveway. He approached and asked the man if he had ordered a pizza, he replied that he did. As the driver went to complete the transaction another black male came up from behind him with a handgun and demanded the driver empty his pockets and to give him the Marco’s money bag.

The two men then walked the driver to the back of his car and then took his cell phone from inside of his car.

The two men then ran towards Clemens Street and the driver went directly to the Police Station to report the robbery.

A K-9 from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department helped search the area but Police were unable to locate the suspects. The victim’s cell phone and Marco’s pizza money bag were recovered.

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