Monday, August 16, 2010


This just could have easily been from our, “Are you an idiot” file – but we’ll make this into a quiz.

When you approach an emergency scene and you see Police cars blocking the road, an ambulance and multiple fire trucks – oh, and a house on fire, what should you do?

A. Park your car and take pics for TMC NEWS
B. Turn around and find an alternate route
C. Drive around the Police Cars, Ambulance, across the down power lines and past the fire trucks

If you answered “C” then you would be just as bright as the two people that did just that last night at the East Ave fire scene.

The first one occurred early on in the fire when a red SUV approached from the north and came through the scene at about 25 MPH. Police Officers ran the car down and spoke with the couple who had just crossed over the hot lines.

Later another vehicle tried to get through the scene by driving over a fire hose.


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