Friday, August 13, 2010


Elyria – Elyria Police responded to 213 Chestnut Street Thursday night after receiving reports of a baby having been set on fire.

When Police arrived they first made contact with Donna Partin, the mother of Billy Partin, the 14 year old suspect, she told Officers that her son had left the scene in a pickup truck with his cousin. Then two females approached, one holding an 11 month old Melinda Hall. Police noticed burnt skin on her face that was red and blistering and skin was peeling off her face and ears.

LifeCare Paramedics, who were dispatched with Police, quickly transported the baby to Elyria Memorial Hospital. She was later flown to MetroHealth Medical Center with 2nd degree burns.

Police requested a second ambulance for 17 year old Jasmine Pyles after discovering she had burns on her legs, she was also transported to Elyria Memorial Hospital.

Police learned from witnesses that the Partin was in a second floor bedroom area with Pyles and the baby . Partin reportedly poured nail polish remover on Pyles’ pant leg – spilling some of it onto the bed and baby. Pyles said Partin had a lighter and was igniting it near her pants. She told Partin to put the fucking lighter down. Billy responded with, “I don’t have to fucking listen to you” and then lit the back of her pants, part of the bed, floor and the baby on fire. As Pyles rolled over in an attempt to extinguish the flames she also rolled over the baby – Police say this ignited the baby further. The flames were eventually extinguished.

Partin’s mother was able to reach her son and had him return to the scene where he told Police what happened. He said he did pour the polish remover on Pyles and the bed and he did say that he set her pants and bed on fire, but said he did not know why. He said when he saw the fire he ran to the neighbor and called 9-1-1. He told Police that he then left with his cousin because he was scared.

Billy Partin was transported to the Elyria City Jail and booked. He was then taken to the Lorain County Juvenile Detention Home. Partin was certified into Juvenile Court for the offences.


Blogger LG said...

This is so absurd! I feel horrible for the girl and baby. I hope this boy suffers what he did. And someone needs to take the baby and keep her safe and out of danger. A baby deserves a loving family and home and not someone to set them on fire. Ridiculous!!!!! There are plenty of deserving people for a baby.

2:12 PM  

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