Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Elyria – When 33 year old Edward Whiteman of North Ridgeville ran after causing a 2 car crash on Broad Street in downtown Elyria early Tuesday morning, he didn’t count on a couple witnesses hunting him down.

Tim Fitzpatrick said he was having a cigarette with a buddy on Broad Street when he saw Whiteman leave Bugsy’s and get into his Bonneville that was parked across the street. Fitzpatrick and his friend, Joe Brown, watched as Whiteman backed out of his space and into the path of a PT Cruiser that was traveling westbound on Broad Street.

The collision caused heavy damage to the back of Whiteman’s Bonneville and moderate damage to the passenger side front of the PT Cruiser.

Whiteman fled the scene through the JGT Parking lot heading south with Brown closely behind. Fitzpatrick stayed with the three victims inside of the PT Cruiser telling them to remain still and to be calm. “I didn’t want them moving around because that might have made any injuries they had worse. The guy in the back seat got out of the car and started following the guy too but I told him that my buddy was chasing him and that he should get back in the car.”

Elyria Police rushed to find Whiteman and found him, with Brown right behind him, near St. Mary’s Church on 4th Street.

Whiteman was taken into custody by Police and returned to the scene where he was positively identified by witnesses. Whiteman was then charged with OVI and Improper Backing.

LifeCare Paramedics treated and transported three victims from the PT Cruiser to Elyria Memorial Hospital where they were all treated and released.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe is lucky the assailant did not have a gun and use it on Joe.

What is the law around here as far as citizens taking the law into their own hands? How does law enforcement (LE) handle people like this?

If a CCW person who is carrying, decides to run after people, how does LE handle it?

Mr. Frank Weber

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm all for people getting involved. If we don't the worthless pieces of dog shit will take over the streets while the citizens cowar in the homes and hide behind their computers. Good for you Joe. Nice to know not everyone is a coward and will get involved. Haas

12:48 PM  

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