Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Elyria – Members of Elyria City Council voted tonight to set the date for the Recall Election for Tuesday December 22nd. Council Members also voted to support the Mayor in the recall election 7-3. Councilmen Garry Gibbs, Mark Craig and Larry Tanner.

Responding to the news of the December 22nd date, Craig Bevan, co-chair of Stand Up Elyria, said that he was disappointed. “Council could have selected any date between December 13th and the 22nd and they went with the date closest to Christmas meaning that the poll workers will now have to be working when they could be with their families and getting ready for the holiday.”

Now with a little over one month until the election both sides are working to get their message out to the voters before they go to the polls. Nobody knows how this will turn out but one thing is for sure, someone’s camp will not have a Merry Christmas this year.


Anonymous Robert Owsiak said...

Jesus Christ does this bevan character ever stop bitching? He is constantly whining about something. I mean he finally gets his recall that he has been hoping for and now he is bitching about the date! Then if the mayor sins the election I’m sure bevan will blame it on something or someone. Now let me put this out there as well, I’m not for the mayor or against him but look what he has to work with. Let’s face it Elyria is not what it was 30 years ago, the industry is all but gone, businesses are leaving and half the people living in the city aren’t working. I’m sure stand-up Elyria would blame that all on the mayor as well but it has been happening over the last 15-20 years. I would love to see what this new mayor is going to do to change all this. If there is no money then there is no money. It doesn’t matter who you up in his seat, unless this new mayor can pull some money out of some orifice of his/hers. If that's the case I can’t wait to see how they do. Why doesn’t Stand up Elyria start hounding all these dead beats in the city burning up our tax money going to the hospital for a cough or because they are bored? That's the reason the city is headed down the shitter, all the people burning through our hard earned tax money. They are living it up while everyone else is working hard to pick up their tab. They need to close their legs and stop having kids! If you can't afford 1 what makes you think you can afford 8. So in closing, Stand up Elyria is a joke! They are a bunch of people who just like seeing their names in the paper. It’s easy to coach from the side lines. To all you dead beats without a job reading this, get off your lazy fat ass and get a job you dead beat fuck! STOP SPENDING MY TAX MONEY. And is it just me or does anyone else find it ironic that Bevan is the co-founder of a group called stand up. Oh the comedic irony. I can't wait to see what you all think of my views, that is if people are willing to sign their names to do so. Hugs and kisses to all you haters, piece bitches I’m out.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Mike Snodgrass said...

This town has been heading down the tubes for a lot longer than Grace and Bevo have been around! Keys let Fisher guide bail with York international following soon after and take a lot of tax revenue with them! Plenty of other examples of that with other industry in this area as well! The tax abatements offered in this town for years to keep at least some industry and business in this town hasnt helped either! I'll grant you that the Fire Fighters in this town havent helped much with the fine line they walk to get all the overtime than can get, and have gotten for years! Blame the contract not them personnaly! Their human like the rest of us! Funny that the ones who have stayed true and not been bitchin here or elsewhere are still out there doin the job even though their loss we will feel the most i guarantee you that...EPD!!!

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Pete Wiegand said...

I don't see any initiative with your name on it Mr. Owsiak. Does that make you a lazy fat ass? At least he is trying something to make Elyria better. It is the mayors job to bring jobs into hi/her town and he has not done this for Elyria. Grace has been the mayor for over have the time you stated the problem has been going on, did you consider that when you posted? I think maybe you should stop bashing Bevo for looking for a way to save HIS town while you do nothing. So in closing, I think you are a joke for knocking someone for trying. You are nothing but an armchair quarteback and a weven though I agree with Terry's policy on allowing posts I also feel he should take stupidity into account which would have prevented you from posting.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Robert Owsiak said...

Mike I agree with you on the fact that this city needs more police not to cut any jobs. I do feel bad for all the people that are going to be losing their jobs. That suck, and I hope that they can all find jobs quick. I also agree that the fire dept wasn’t helping but I don’t blame the guys at all! The contract on the other hand is pretty out of hand. So I think they should just be grateful that they had that cushy contract for as long as they did, and I think they should try to fix it up some so in a year or so they can hire back some of the people they lay off. Now on to Mr. Wiegand, let me start by saying you are entitled to your opinion as am I. That being said no you don’t see my name on any groups trying to change a city or the world for that matter because I am busy work 2 jobs trying to support a family. So if you think I am a “lazy fat ass” then that’s your opinion and your can think that till the cows come home. In my opinion the city has no hope. When a large percent of the population of a city decide not to work and to sit at home and milk the hard working people dry then the city has no chance. Then if the people of the city don’t want to pay more in taxes to keep their city safe then that shows what kind of support they have in the city. As for your point that “Grace has been the mayor for over have the time you stated the problem has been going on, did you consider that when you posted?” I’m going to assume that “have” was meant to be half. I do note that fact but as you know they have crazy things called “elections” and the point of the “elections” is for the public to vote on who they want to hold different offices. So if someone held one of these offices for a long time that would mean that the public kept voting them back during these “elections”. I know it’s a crazy concept and all but the way I look at that is if he keeps getting voted in A; he is doing something right enough for the public to vote him back or B; he is good at making it look like he is doing the right thing. Either way the people of Elyria keep voting him back. I respect the fact that Bevo is trying to fix his town but I think there are more productive ways to do so instead of wasting tax payers money/time on this by making another “election”(these crazy things again). I was not bashing the fact that he was trying to fix his city I was bashing the fact that he is always bitching. Now onto my favorite of your post “I agree with Terry's policy on allowing posts I also feel he should take stupidity into account which would have prevented you from posting”. I like your idea of censoring other people opinions when they don’t agree with you. I think we should do that more often. See if my history is right a certain group back in 1939 tried to do that. You know the pushing their views on their citizens I think they were called the Nazis. I think it would be kind of hypocritical of terry to not allow me to voice my opinion since we both are using our first amendment rights. You know that silly little piece of paper saying that I’m aloud to voice my opinions as are you and mike and anyone else in this great country. So in closing I’m aloud to have my views and they may not be the views of many or anyone for that matter they are mine and I’m just putting them out there. As for you telling me not to, well I respond by telling you to go thump your bible at someone else because I will continue to voice my views on subjects and people.

8:41 PM  

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